1 Build the capacities of professional experts in the field of “Theory of Choice” and “Reality Therapy”
2 Empower individuals with tools and practices to achieve good mental health and good balance in life
3 Achieve Knowledge Sharing between experts and practitioners in all related areas.



Annual Conferences


Specialized and public meetings


Training Courses


Field Research


Leaders & Managers of educational organizations
Specialists in the field of health.
Individuals involved in personal development.
Social and psychological specialists.
Specialists in the field of education and teachers.


Reality Therapy
Choice Theory
Quality Schools Education
Personal Well-being
Lead Management.


A five-level program within a two-year time frame

It aims to enable participants to practice the applications of Choice Theory and Realisty Therapy in several diverse fields.

Target Groups

  • Psychological and social counseling specialists.
  • Teachers and educators.
  • Coaching.
  • Leadership Development specialists
  • Social workers.

Qualification levels

  1. Level 1: Basic Training Course
  2. Level 2: Basic Practicum
  3. Level 3: Advanced Training Course
  4. Level 4: Advanced Practicum
  5. Level 5: Certification

A six-hour workshop about Choice Theory psychology and how to apply it to your life..

Target Groups

  • Psychological and social counselors.
  • Educators, teachers and Coaching.
  • Those who are interested in enhancing personal effectiveness

William Glasser International

William Glasser International is an official organization offering training in Choice Theory psychology and its applications in counselling, teaching, managing, and parenting. This body has received full approval from Dr. William Glasser to safeguard, represent and develop his ideas.